Montana Homegrown: Sustainable Growers Union

The Montana Sustainable Growers’ Union brings local growers and customers together to improve the sustainability of their farms and communities.

Who Are We?

We are a group of local farmers who all farm within a 75 mile radius of Missoula and market in the state. We formed the Montana Sustainable Growers’ Union in the fall of 2005. The Growers’ Union provides a local, accessible alternative to organic certification, as well as encouragement for small producers and our customers.

our Current Members

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Why Buy Homegrown?

We value the trust our customers bestow on us when they buy our products. Because we wish to maintain and enhance that trust, we have pledged to manage our farms and ranches according to a set of strict guidelines.

OUR VALUES & Our Pledge

How Does It Work?

We have twice yearly meetings and annual farmer-to-farmer visits. These events help us meet our goals of education and cooperation among group members. All members share the responsibilities of holding offices and paying dues. In order to encourage small producers to join the Growers’ Union, we maintain an inclusive and educational philosophy.

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