Become a Member



If you are interested in becoming a member of Montana Homegrown, please read through our PLEDGE and our VALUES before asking for an application. You must be willing to adhere to our pledge and agree with our values in order to join.

The membership committee will review your questionnaire and assign someone to visit your farm. You will receive a call with questions and comments and if your operation fits with Homegrown’s pledge and values, you will become a member!

Based upon your farming experience and skill level, you may be asked to spend a year or more in transition before using the Homegrown logo. During this time, you may choose to work with a mentor: a more experienced Homegrown farmer.

As a member of Homegrown, you will be asked to attend two meetings per year, pay annual dues of $50.00, and participate in the farm visit program – you will visit one farm each year, and another farmer will visit you. There is a rotating, volunteer leadership style of management for this group, which means that some year you may be asked to take on a task.

Please email for an updated application
for either “Produce and Fruit” or “Livestock”