Our Pledge

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We, the members of the Montana Sustainable Grower’s Union, grow and sell our products locally. We value the trust our customers bestow on us when they buy our products. Because we wish to maintain and enhance that trust, we have pledged to manage our farms and ranches according to a set of strict guidelines. These guidelines will lead to ecologically healthy farms, a healthy community, and high-quality food for our customers. We welcome our customers’ questions and visits.

More Specifically…

1. We use no synthetic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizers on our crops, fields, or livestock.

2. We care for our soil, water, and air quality with sustainable management practices, including cover crops, composts, crop rotations, mulching, crop diversity, perennial pastures, and buffer strips.

3. We use no chemically treated or genetically engineered seed; we use only organically, sustainably, locally, or regionally produced seed whenever possible.

4. We treat livestock humanely. We use no hormones or antibiotic-laced feeds or feeds of genetically engineered origin. We provide consistent access to pasture and feed from organic or sustainable, and local or regional, sources.

5. We follow sanitary post-harvest practices, including proper transport, storage, and use of only potable water for washing.

6. We seek to enhance the biodiversity of native species on our land and to continually improve our land stewardship and conservation practices.

7. We work to enhance the local economy by selling and buying locally as much as possible. We encourage local and seasonal eating to minimize the transport of food.

8. We support the greater organic community and advocate for the ideals expressed in this pledge.

9. We are active within our community encouraging and assisting farmers with sustainable practices, helping one another to become better farmers, and creating fertile ground for all local farmers and local markets.

10. We are locally owned and operated. We provide safe, healthy working conditions and fair compensation for employees, farm staff, and ourselves.

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